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What is the Difference Between Gypsum & Fibre Ceilings

Difference Between Gypsum & Fibre Ceilings

Both gypsum and fibre ceilings have become an integral part of the home construction process, especially in urban homes. Along with adding beauty they also keep away the excess heat, cold temperatures, and all the noise from the beautiful place called home. They are also used to conceal electrical wires while installing modern home equipment like the central air-conditioning system. Both have their own beauty and purpose. Now you know you can opt any, let’s understand the key points to consider before installing gypsum and fibre ceilings.

Gypsum is one of the most preferred materials for a false ceiling. It is the main component that forms the base of the structure and is slightly different from the other. As the name indicates, these ceilings are made up of gypsum, i.e., hydrated calcium sulphate and have significant quality of withstanding steadily for a longer period. Gypsum boards which come in prefabricated form, are manufactured in a factory first and then assembled on the site as per the design with the help of metal frames.

Gypsum Ceilings:

Gypsum Ceiling

Here are a few points that you should consider about gypsum ceilings:

  • The gypsum boards give a flawless look to your ceiling without too many visible joints. You can expect consistency when it comes to the finish of the material, as they are manufactured in factories.
  • They are very easy to install, clean, and maintain.
  • Their installation may be easier, but repairing it may be a cumbersome process as the whole ceiling has to be broken down.
  • Moisture can also seep into gypsum boards if there is any leakage or through air conditioning pipes, but this can be avoided by opting for moisture-resistant boards and proper sealing.
  • Gypsum is a bit on the expensive side.

 Fibre Ceilings

 Fibre Ceilings Tiles

Be it a residential or a commercial building, false ceilings add an extra star to the interiors. In addition to aesthetics, false ceilings also offer functional features depending on the material. One such material for commercial false ceilings is mineral fibre. The fibre ceilings allow the customers to get that attractive look and acoustic comfort and hence enhance the utility of the area in many ways. In the age of Social Networking, where word of mouth plays an important role, you can make your business the talk of the town with designer fibre ceilings.

Few important points that you should consider about Fiber ceilings:

  • Installing and cleaning these ceilings is easier.
  • Its finishing quality often depends on the engineers/workers, and if not handled carefully, it may look odd.
  • They are a bit on the affordable side.
  • These come in different designs & patterns, and you can choose one depending on the feel you want to create.
  • They have high insulation against sound and fire.

When installing a false ceiling made up of gypsum or fiber or any other material, you must get it done from the professionals. Get in touch with us for a cost-effective suspended ceiling installation.

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