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PVC Ceiling Installation in Nigeria

Renovations or building today can run in huge amounts of money, and we have the perfect product that is both cost-wise and efficient-wise. Not only this, PVC Ceilings are preferred over many other products for many reasons. PVC Ceilings are very versatile and can be applied in just about any indoor environment that requires a fixed, non-porous, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling. PVC Ceilings are very efficient insulators in the summer and winter, due to the hollow core structure of the panels, and can reduce energy consumption in the home by eliminating the need to heat or cool it. Our interlocking PVC Panels are lightweight and easy to install, and due to the smooth surface, they are preferred by interior designers and decorators. The smoothness cannot be achieved with other ceiling materials as they leave splicing gaps between the plates. The boards come in a variety of colours and come in matt and gloss finishes.

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